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Regional Retreat

One of the ways that Engineers Without Borders has chosen to create lasting change in the community is to invest in young people so that they become the leaders of tomorrow.


Once per semester, all of EWB Canada's francophone chapters meet for a weekend to attend conferences on various issues and to participate in workshops that give them more tools to carry out impact projects.  At the same time, it is an opportunity for members to develop a network of contacts that extends beyond their own university.

Winter 2022 Retreat

Hosted by EWB ETS

This session's retreat was a virtual one. ETS hosted the event in a new virtual environment, called "GatherTown".

EWBers had the chance to discuss and learn about many subjects:

  • Herd mentality

  • EWB's mission

  • IPCC's last report

  • This year's partnership with Africa

  • Cognitive bias


Fall 2021 Retreat

Hosted by EWB Sherbrooke

We were honoured to host the first in person regional retreat in more than two years !

During the weekend, we had:

  • Networking activities between the different EWB chapters

  • A member learning on food insecurity

  • An initiation to mindfulness meditation

  • Discussions on cultural appropriation

  • A member learning on the importance of an organism's mission

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