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Our chapter has two ways of creating impact in the world we live in. We first carry out our own projects in our community

Non-visible pollution is a serious and escalating issue that seems to be flying below the radar. By that we mean digital pollution. The kind generated by using the Internet. For instance, when you search for something online, a request is sent to servers, which require large quantities of power to operate. They also require cooling systems to avoid overheating, which in turn requires a great deal of electricity to power.

The best solution to counter this issue would be to reduce our global internet consumption. The next best thing would be to use eco-friendly search engines when you do need to surf the web, such as Ecosia! For every 45 searches completed with Ecosia, the organization will plant one tree. Moreover, Ecosia uses renewable energy to power its servers. In whole, Ecosia helps diminish your carbon footprint while you surf the web.


 EWB Sherbrooke Chapter is working towards installing Ecosia on every computer on campus at Sherbrooke University. We invite you to do so as well!


Want to learn more about how Ecosia works? Visit their website by clicking on the tree!


Want to make Ecosia your default search engine? Consult their Q&A to find the procedure according to your browser by clicking on the robot!


Just want to try a search on Ecosia to validate that it's as good as Google before getting rid of your old search engine? Click on their logo!

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