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Trash Pick-Up

Clean Up Your Town

EWB Sherbrooke aims to educate its community about our waste production. ​ Therefore, we organize awareness events that consist of picking up litter in the streets of Sherbrooke to raise public awareness around this issue and make our city a better place to live!

Men Volunteering

Every little bit helps: that is the message we want to convey with this initiative. Our daily actions have consequences, which impact everyone around us!

This event aims to highlight the efforts made by various brands, cafés and stores in reducing their waste production.

As you might have guessed by the title, it’s as easy as walking outside and picking up pieces of trash you find along the way. Collectively, if everyone did so, we could make the world of a difference! What better feeling than walking around your neighbourhood, along clean streets, and knowing you played an important part in it? EWB Sherbrooke Chapter would like to raise awareness for this movement by inviting people from all over Québec to find a little time to participate in this ‘’plalking” event. This means asking people to take a moment to stop and pick up litter they may cross along the way. To make things interesting, we offer prizes to those who collect the most litter, as well as participation prizes to be awarded at random.

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